Tech interests

I'm a programmer with a diverse range of interests, from front-end, back-end to system programming and software security.

Linux and related tools

I'm a long time Linux user. I use Arch Linux daily, and I enjoy learning about the Linux kernel and various supporting tools and conventions. An understanding of Linux concepts has helped me write better, more flexible, more secure or more performant software.

Interesting things to learn about in this area include:


I'm proud to have Rust as my all-time favorite programming language. Although I recognize that in some cases simpler tools like Python gets the job done faster, Rust will always deliver top performance, result in more correct code thanks to its expressive type system, and allows you to run your code in as many places as possible. (it is always easier to build FFI bindings for a systems language, plus it compiles to WASM. Just imagine trying to use a Python library in JavaScript.)

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