Why should I read (books, as well as news, blogs, Wikipedia and other stuff)?
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Many people say that reading is important. Here is my thoughts and what I will do. This article will start by thinking about how can reading anything benefits.

Although this goes naturally for every article in this site, it's still worth explicitly reminding to you here that this article consists of massive amount of personal opinion that may not necessary be agreed by everyone. You can have disagreements, and I encourage you to contact me via any means and tell me what do you think is wrong with this article, and I will consider your opinion and change mime if it makes sense, or I will address your argument here. In any case I will appreciate your respect. But since this is my personal "wiki" site, I can write anything I believe myself.

Table of contents

  1. You gain knowledge / insights.
  2. You can experience more "life".

You gain knowledge / insights.

You can experience more "life".