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Thoughts as a Programmer

This page, Thoughts as a Programmer, isn't worth your time. I probably wrote this for my own future references, or this page may have been poorly written. You won't get anything useful out of this page, so go do something more meaningful. You have been warned.

I'm a programmer. I have been writing code since my (damn[1]) childhood.[2] Sometimes I consider myself an "expert" on programming, that I often think I'm way better than the average programmer. But sometimes I do realize that I'm actually way too far from being an true "expert".[3] I love open source and free culture and is welling to share most of the things I created.[4] I have written a lot of code[4][5], but most of them, especially those from my early years, often end up being taken down from GitHub 1 or 2 years later by myself, usually because I think the code were poorly written.[6][7][8] I do keep them as archives on my drive and Google Drive, but I'm not willing to share those.See my projects or read more about my skills…

I seems extremely paranoid about security. I even tried to isolate all applications running on my computer and put them into separate Linux users (now I only did that for stuff I download from places other than the Arch Repository as that had caused massive inconvenience).[9] Beside attackers, I take every step I can to prevent governments from messing with my Internet and protect my data from them, including buying multiple VPNs[examples needed] and distrusting all Chinese certificate authority[screenshots needed]. (In fact, I give no support to the very idea of having governments regulate anything digital, and I support Bitcoin and Ethereum as a daily currency. More on that later.)

All website should be forced to use secure protocols such as HTTPS, and Chromium seems to support this view.[10]

I often try to summarize things happened in real life into deterministic rules or theories and try to make them as simple as possible. It can help me understand the world better. However, by interpreting things this way many of my friends find me quite strange. Many times I just can't understand a concept easily understandable by others. Beside in real life, when I study subjects like Physics I also try to interpret the rules in ways as simple as I can come up with.[examples needed]

I think Linux is the most suitable and useful OS for most programmers. It is highly customizable and it relies on less "magic" than Windows. There are many handy tools that does almost anything from Base64 to simple but strong encryption, or video conversion with FFmpeg, available for use from the command line. Shell script made simple maintaining tasks quick and easy. One is also less likely to have security problems by using Linux, as for example, all software is grabbed from a trusted repository instead of downloading from Google search result. I agree that Windows Server is obviously not a good idea.

Also, very importantly, I'm not at all like those "child programmer hacker who built 3 15 iPhone apps while being only 14 7 years old, of which used machine learning and advanced <insert technologies here> in their awesome and revolutionary iPhone app."[11][12][13][14][and more]I think these people are all overly-hyped by media. Often, when you actually check out the stuff they make, you realize that it's actually quite trivial and not worth mentioning[citation needed] (such as weather apps).

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