Mao Wtm

Mao Wtm[1] is a  programmer known for absolutely nothing. Mao is also a high school student and is now 17.6 years old[2]. Mao makes extensive uses of, and support open source software. Although Mao had never got any coding jobs, Mao has written many side projects. Only one of the projects have a significant user base and is constantly maintained by Mao. Mao don't have a wide range of coding skills and have only experienced with a limited number of frameworks, languages or platform , but Mao believes that new things can be learned quickly. Mao does reasonably well at school so far. Mao sometime has trouble dealing with emotions and social relationships. You can reach Mao in several ways, but email - is preferred for anything important especially if we met online. Crypto keys and Bitcoin address can also be found on the contact page.

References and Footnotes