List of "arts" I made. Pretty ugly stuff.
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Artworks index

Works are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4 International, unless otherwise specified. Link to this page is sufficient for attribution.

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Table of contents

  1. 3D renders (Blender)
    1. Classroom
    2. Random imaginary bedroom
    3. Small island
    4. Simple paper plane
    5. 2nd birthday
    6. Pencil wallpaper
    7. Website home page background
  2. 2D drawings
    1. Old website banner

3D renders (Blender)


The above image is an equirectangular projection. Click the image to open 360° viewer.

Random imaginary bedroom

Small island

One of my low-effort wallpaper, made within a hour.

Simple paper plane 2nd birthday

Pencil wallpaper

Website home page background

2D drawings

Old website banner

This banner contains some of the things that I cared about at the time this image was created, which was around 2017 May.